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You Don’t Need a New Website

You Don’t Need a New Website – You Need to Understand Who’s Using It

Everyone knows that a website should deliver more value and that it has to be a core part of the marketing mix, but does that also mean abandoning an old, underperforming site and building a brand new all singing, all dancing one to achieve this?

Often, the reason why a company believes they need a new website is that they currently have an expensive brochure ware site showing little tangible return creating frustration about a number of things such as:

  • After having spent many £000’s on a website why it hasn’t delivered any significant new business?
  • Feedback and a general view that the current website is dated and does not represent us appropriately in the market.
  • Content is king, therefore we need to create more of it – but what is the right content?
  • A new website must be the right answer – the marketing team and the design agency are excited about it and it’s creating lots of energy talking about a fresh new site.

All powerful arguments for justifying the budget and steaming ahead with the design brief. However, before launching into this process stop for a minute and ask yourself a question – do you understand who is using your website? Not only who, but also why they are using it, how they found it and what they are looking at? The key point to remember here is that your website is not about you. It’s about understanding your customers and prospects and what they want from it.

Understanding this company profile information is the answer to creating a new or improving an existing website which delivers a tangible ROI. And then developing a relevant process to start using this information can also increase marketing effectiveness to drive sales activity.

Understand who is visiting your website

Are they your potential customers, your clients, new recruits or just competitors? Who are the actual people you want to arrive at your website – for many businesses, potential customers are the main target, but are they finding and looking at your website? By analysing this information you can have a much greater understanding of how your site is working.

How does your business “show up” on the internet?

Are browsers on your website just finding you through your brand terms (your company or product name) or are they using more relevant generic traffic patterns on your site, such as keywords that match to your products and services?  How much more value can you get from understanding how people move around you site, when you can see which organisation they represent?

Who is responding to your marketing messages?

As a business, it is likely you are pushing out lots of marketing messages through routes such as PR, Direct Mail, email marketing, web marketing and trade shows. The first port of call for many people who react to your messages will be to your website. However, do you know  which organisations are responding to these marketing messages?  If you have this information then you can immediately see who has reacted and it is clear who to follow up with and why.

Marketing used to be like shooting an arrow ,now it is more like ping pong – it’s crucial to understand what your audience is looking for, what problems they have and how your web presence can help them. If you can achieve this then you will start to engage with them which in turn is the start of the all important sales process.

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